Athena Standards Residency was born of the idea that the city of Athens offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience simultaneously the vibrant urban culture of a contemporary city and the rich history of an ancient cosmopolitan center. 

The residency session lasts a minimum of one month. We encourage residents to consider staying for two months or longer, in order to develop a deeper knowledge of the city. Join us this Fall! The Residency sessions for October, November, December 2018 will be €2600 for two consecutive months and €3600 for three consecutive months.

documenta 14 put the city of Athens on the map of the contemporary art scene, and as a result there has been an influx of art practitioners to Athens. The city continues to be an artistic hub, welcoming people from all over the world, who have found new ground to express their ideas.

Athens Standards Residency was initiated in response to the need for dedicated space and community, in order to carry forth in the vein of cultural production and exchange. With the intention of creating a network of international and local artists, the residency program aims to encourage a dialogue with the local art scene.

We are able to accommodate 12 artists per residency session. We open all sessions within the year to applications, and reviews of applicants are conducted on a monthly basis. Emerging and established studio artists, working in painting, mixed media, printmaking (sans press), digital photography, video art and installation are encouraged to apply.  

Artists are provided shared housing with other residency artists in apartments around Athens, in proximity to the studio premises. The residency also includes a monthly metro pass, to encourage artists-in-residence to explore the city. We are pleased to be able to offer the support of our staff, in acquainting the artists with their surroundings and giving advice on everything from locating art supplies to grocery stores, the local nightlife and negotiating the Metro system.