Ezra Enzo

Paint soaks into the threads of canvas— charcoal smudges into the creases of the paper— and words circumscribe this passing, evanescent energy. 

This is my poetry as it acts. It is visual. It is script and image, legible, and untranslatable. Gendered. It is an encounter. An encounter with a mythological past, a revered tradition, a momentary confrontation with the internal —we place ourselves in a struggle to communicate beyond the limitations of our power. My work builds from land, from limitation, from power. Land: I throw myself into these abstract spaces that are seen through layers of paint and communicated through language. This space maps where I am in the process, it tracks my thoughts in two different, but converging, ways. The limitations become geographical borders: where the edge of Payne’s Grey hits a line scrawled in charcoal, there is a need to read from a different part of the brain. When these different elements combine, it is necessary to translate, to shift, or to allow oneself to be lost in the in-between, perhaps. Frailty, uncertainty, blurriness. Power: the power dynamic when two things are forced to coexist. Tension culminates between the paint and the words, power pervades the content, whether because I am drawing from the influential masters of art history and reworking them, because I am processing my own feelings of powerlessness in the process of painting, or even because the boldly painted swatches of colour take up an entire wall. Demand space and attention. Demand us to be immersed. 

I make my mark.
-Ezra Enzo

Ezra Enzo is a multimedia artist with a focus in painting and creative writing. Ezra grew up between Europe and the US, prompting her interest in art history, concepts of tradition, history, memory, and identity. While pursuing a B.A. in Visual Arts at Brown University, she released a feature-length documentary film, A Common Stage. Ezra’s work can be seen on her website and instagram. Ezra Enzo participated in the January 2019 session of the Athena Standards residency.