Yu Shuk Pui Bobby (余淑培)

In her time at the Residency, Bobby worked on the project "Genomic Salon.” Bobby's sculptures reference the tools of a hair salon, but with a futuristic, genomic twist.

One day, science and technology will popularize genetic engineering, making it so accessible that even a hair salon could provide this service. At that point in time we will have dominated our own destiny, being free from ethical and religious restrictions, we will have become our own God. Almost every product and service will be cultivating genetic modification techniques.

When you enter the genomic hair salon, you will choose from the gene menu categories, with options such as the sequence of genes of late celebrities and legends. Also, why not increase your IQ and improve your physical and mental well being? The salon can also provide this gene sequencing. Not only will your appearance change, but the DNA in your body can be changed as well, to become more unique and more perfect. Genomic Salon welcomes you to experience a genetic makeover!

Yu Shuk Pui Bobby (余淑培)is a visual artist based in Hong Kong making conceptual artworks, sculptures, and performances. She uses the body as a medium, creating situations to disrupt the passivity of the spectator. She is currently interested in sexual politics and female exploitation. Annoyed and amused with the incessant commodification of women, which seeks to impart an aspect of subjectivity onto the female object, she often transforms her own roles, identities, and public appearance within her work.

Bobby received a BA in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University. She has completed several residencies at 3331 Art Chiyoda (Tokyo), 435 Art Studio (Taiwan) and Listhus Space (Iceland). Bobby participated in the January 2019 residency session at Athena Standards. Her work can be found online on her website, instagram and vimeo. She lives and works in Hong Kong.