Grants, Travel Stipends, & Funding Opportunities

As an artist run organization, we strive to keep the residency program as affordable as possible for both emerging and established artists. While we don't offer any funding through the Residency itself, we maintain the list below of known grants and stipend opportunities through outside organizations, and we are happy to assist in the application process by providing an official letter of acceptance as needed. Private donors support the maintenance of the studio building and allow us to keep the cost of the residency down.

Jerome Foundation
Application for Travel Grant deadline December and awards announced in March/ Application for Artist Fellowships deadline May 8, 2019 and awards given May 8, 2020 *only for artists based in NYC or Minnesota

Sustainable Arts Foundation
Application opens August 1, Deadline August 31 **for artists with children under 18

Harpo Foundation
Application deadline April 20 and awards announced December 1

Guggenheim Foundation
Application deadline in September, awards announced in May

Pollack Krasner Foundation Grant
Rolling deadline

Other great resources:

The College Art Association (CAA)


Friends of Athena Standards Residency

Shoestring Press and Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Mudhouse Residency, Crete, GR

EVA International, Limerick, Ireland

The Limerick Printmakers, Limerick, Ireland