Laura Maria Asselborn

This work is part of a series taken at a Residency in Athens, 2018.
This series was a response to a specific interior, in which the Artist created a narrative. A story that entails familiar feelings of a body in space but equally to create an unfamiliar strangeness of viewing the body between sofa and cushion, inanimate or in motion.
I am addressing the vulnerability of the female body as Image and aim to discuss historic context and visual codes of women as Image by placing it as ornament or object within it.
In this project, I understood the importance of body in space in my practice. I was very interested in the idea of seeing something at the second glimpse. As the body presents itself abstracted, fragmented, obscured or hidden as it comes to view to the lens of the camera in naturally low light and in the space in that moment of time.
The act of looking at Images of women is investigated by the use of voyeuristic perspective that happen with an element of chance: placing camera hanging from ceiling on self-timer and other places. The camera becomes eye and image-taker.
-Laura Maria Asselborn

Laura Maria Asselborn was born in Cologne, Germany, she is pursuing her BA Fine Art Practice from the University of Brighton. She lives and works in Sussex, England. Laura’s work can be seen online on her website and instagram. Laura participated in the October 2018 residency session of Athena Standards.