Thais Glazman

During my time at Athena Standards Residency in Athens, Greece while exploring the question: “what is ruined and what remains?” I became increasingly interested in the creation & application of natural dyes alongside an obsession for the significance of landscape in classic Greek cinema. Combining both practices, I worked with source imagery from a selection of Greek films, physically removing significant markers of the image & replacing them with various naturally dyed paper experiments.
-Thais Glazman

Thais Glazman is an intermedia artist working with photography, sculpture, and textile. Her inquiries into these disciplines delve into the ways in which memories inform our private and collective lives; those that are acquired through experience and those that have been inherited and passed down through culture, language, family, and place. In her work, she chooses to employ intimate narratives, often drawing from personal subjects and archives. Thais views these materials as a vibrant first-hand source to explore ideas of memory in relation to domestic life, immigrant identity, cultural heritage, and a deep relationship to the natural world. Her investigations into these subjects reveal themselves through the materials she works with, from handmade and digitally-derived textiles, to analog photography and sculptural installation.

Thais Glazman received her B.A. in Visual Arts from Bennington College, Vermont and was a Museum Fellow at the Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY in 2015. Her work can be seen online on her website and Instagram. Thais participated in the October & November 2018 residency sessions of Athena Standards and currently resides in Hudson, NY.